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Academic Poses

High-Quality Academic Poses for Artists

Discover over 650 female models of various ethnicities, ages, and body shapes in academic poses. These poses, often captured on a rotation platform with 6-8 photos per angle, include sitting, laying, gymnastics, yoga, and more. Multi-angle academic poses feature up to 48 images per pose. Models range from chubby to athletic, pregnant to slim, and more, often in underwear or dressed. Perfect for artists, sculptors, and illustrators seeking accurate references.

Explore over 2,000 sets of academic poses, meticulously captured to provide artists with a broad range of visual aids for detailed study and artistic creation. Whether you're painting, drawing, or sculpting, these references are designed to enhance your understanding of female anatomy and movement.

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Extensive Pinup Poses for Artistic Inspiration

Access more than 3,600 sets of pinup poses, featuring nude models in a variety of poses and body types. Unique hyper-angle poses captured from below through a glass floor offer distinctive perspectives. Models can be filtered by age, body type, hair, and other attributes. Ideal for 2D and 3D artists, game developers, and anyone needing detailed female anatomy references.

These pinup poses are perfect for adding a touch of classic glamour and style to your artwork. With diverse models and poses, you'll find the perfect reference to inspire your creative projects, whether for illustrations, digital art, or character design.

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Pinup Poses
Pose Video Reference

Dynamic Pose Video References for Artists

Enhance your sketching and live drawing practice with unique pose video references. These videos simulate a live drawing class experience with infinitely loopable footage. Capturing over 40 poses from 6 angles, these videos are perfect for artists and illustrators looking to refine their skills in capturing idle movement and form. Each pose are in 2 resolution perfect for mobile device or desktop sketching.

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Capture Motion with Dynamic Poses

Utilize Speedmax technology to explore dynamic poses with extra sharp images, captured at 8-12 frames per second. These 6k-8k resolution images from four different angles are ideal for artists, sculptors, and game developers seeking to capture the essence of movement. Perfect for painting, drawing, and digital art.

These dynamic poses are essential for creating realistic and energetic representations of movement, providing detailed visual references to enhance your understanding of the human body's motion.


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Dynamic Poses
Multi-Angle Poses

Comprehensive Multi-Angle Poses for Detailed Study

Gain deeper insights with multi-angle poses, providing 48 images per pose from various perspectives. This extensive coverage is invaluable for detailed anatomical studies, virtual modeling, and complex artistic projects.

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Immersive 3D Stereoscopic Poses for Realistic Art

Explore the third dimension with stereoscopic poses, using dual-camera setups to add depth to your artworks. Perfect for those seeking to enhance 3D modeling and digital art with realistic, life-like depth perception.

These sections are designed to help you maximize your creative potential by providing detailed, high-quality references tailored to the needs of artists, illustrators, and developers in various disciplines.

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Stereoscopic Female Poses