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Human Anatomy for Artist




You can download the PoseViewer here:

PoseViewer for Windows

PoseViewer for Apple

PoseViewer for Apple (512MB)

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How to use

- Download the .zip files of poses which you would like to Use. Remember the location you save the .zip files to.

- Create a New Folder and rename it according to the .zip file. Example: bera.zip rename New Folder to bera

- Use a zip extraction program and extract all files from the downloaded zip file to the newly created and renamed folder. A great freeware alternative to winzip is 7zip which can be downloaded at www.7zip.com

- Launch the Pose Viewer 1.0 Program.

- To load poses click File and then Open. Locate the folder you extracted the poses to and click on an .xml file, then click Open

• Once the first pose is displayed you can use the buttons or shortcut keys as follows:

Use the Next buttons to display the next poses from the pose folder. (You can also use Page Up and Page Down as a keyboard shortcut.)

Use the Single arrow buttons to turn vertically and horizontally. (Keyboard shortcut: use keyboard arrows)

Use the Play/Stop button to start and pause slide show. (Keyboard shortcut: Enter)

Use the Magnifiying buttons to Zoom In and Zoom Out. (Keyboard shortcut: + and ? keys on the number pad)

Use the 1:1 magnification button to display the original size of the picture.

Use the Fit to Window button to fit the image to the window size. : ) (Keyboard Shortcut: Delete key)

Use the Reset button to return to the first pose in the series. (Keyboard Shortcut: Insert key)

Use the Print button to Print the current pose. (Keyboard Shortcut: Control + P)

Use the Copy to Clipboard button to copy the current pose to your clipboard for use in other programs. (Keyboard Shortcut: Contol + C)


Alternative download sources here